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A collection of interfaces and facilities designed to expand the range of applications that may be implemented in REXX. As seamless extensions to the REXX language, REXXTOOLS/MVS is loaded with comprehensive access method interfaces and powerful productivity extensions for z/OS operating systems.

Seamless REXX Extensions for z/OS

The REXX programming language is widely used for Rapid Application Development, Decision support, Executive Information Systems, and Automation. REXX is easy to learn and maintain, almost self-documenting and very efficient. Programs built with REXX are simple to maintain when compared with COBOL, PL/1 and assembler.

REXXTOOLS/MVS adds access method interfaces, plus many REXX language extensions that greatly increase the functionality of the REXX language.

REXXTOOLS manages the tedious details of storage allocation and data conversion, freeing the programmer to concentrate on the requirements of the application. Where necessary, REXXTOOLS maintains a task-level context between function calls and host commands. By doing so, it is able to conserve and reuse the system resources it allocates on the application's behalf. For example, system service modules such as IDCAMS, are loaded just once per MVS task. REXXTOOLS saves module addresses so that subsequent invocations proceed more quickly. For the DB2 interfaces, the amount of contextual information saved by REXXTOOLS is extensive, yielding a significant boost in application performance.

In addition to the system service interfaces, REXXTOOLS augments the data manipulation capabilities of the REXX language with functions, host commands, and utilities.

Frequently Asked Questions and Case Studies

The General Information Document (Link zur Webseite des Hersteller) provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about REXXTOOLS/MVS and REXX. It also describes how some of our customers are using REXXTOOLS/MVS to solve real-world, line-of-business problems.

If you are a Programmer and need to evaluate the technical qualifications of REXXTOOLS/MVS, read the sections "Facilities" and "Installation".

If you are a Manager and need to evaluate the business case for purchasing REXXTOOLS/MVS, read the sections "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Case Studies".

Weitere Informationen zu den Möglichkeiten mit REXXTOOLS/MVS, funktionalen Highlights sowie den 3 Komponenten Basic, Dynamic und Static SQL Services finden Sie auf der Hersteller-Webseite.

Informationen zur Kompatibilität der REXXTOOLS/MVS mit den jeweiligen z/OS- bzw. DB2-Versionen finden Sie hier.